When you introduce a new product to a mass audience at a sporting event or concert and you want your brand to be remembered and your product to be desired, who do you call? The top brands from the National Hockey League to Red Bull, and the Chicago Bulls, all start with Kristin Territo, owner of KT Design Company.

KT Design Company (KTDC) is a multimedia digital agency based in Miami, Florida that provides full-service premium production for sports presentation, event production and global brands. KTDC creates content that engages, captivates, connects, and inspires. They offer extensive experience in high production value motion graphics, animation and management of the creative process. Their unique production sets, graphic campaigns and videos can be seen on major networks and are on display inside of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA and MLS Stadiums across America. With a reputation for excellence and passion, KT Design Company aims to elevate brands around the world.

Ever been to a sports arena for a hockey game or concert? The venues are laid out with multiple high-resolution video displays and 360-degree LED boards that wrap entire sections of the stadiums. Digital signage in the 21st century doesn’t mean a 16:9 monitor but rather 9:16 displays with content that needs to rotate and scale on the fly while respecting the brands identity and conveying the ideas and creative input brought on by the KT Design Company team.

The goal that binds the work at KTDC and what motivates their design efforts, is finding the smartest solution for each project. Kristin’s team creates a unique strategy for each of their client partners by deeply understanding the brands of the clients, their goals and their audience. While some of their clients simply desire impactful motion graphics to enhance their own digital platforms, others require a full package from ideation to execution and management of the entire creative process. KTDC works directly with each client, providing à la carte services, plus customized solutions that respond to the particular needs of each production and venue.

In order to provide the highest quality product for their clients, KTDC has maintained the essence of a boutique agency whose mission is quality over quantity. While all of their client projects are managed in-house, Kristin’s team will often collaborate with trusted remote freelancers on larger scale productions. For their in-house collaboration, KT Design Company recently introduced CODEX Media Vault into their creative pipeline to help manage the storage and access of their creative assets for the animation team.

Per Kristin, “Prior to implementing Media Vault into our everyday workflow, KTDC utilized an online cloud storage solution. While this worked well initially, the scale of our projects became more and more demanding and we realized that an online cloud solution just wasn’t cutting it. In 2019, for one of our client's campaign launches, we created and delivered nearly 4,000 pieces of content in less than 30 days. As our projects grew in size, we found it increasingly important to have not only a shared storage solution but one with the capabilities of adding and supporting more users as KTDC grows as a company. Having a solution like Media Vault has allowed our animators to work more efficiently as a team and has made it easier than ever before to collaborate on the same projects.”

To produce the stunning motion graphic packages designed specifically for the venue’s digital signage requirements, KTDC uses a variety of tools to design and create those awesome packages. Adobe Creative Cloud being the most widely used, along with Cinema 4D on macOS in conjunction with CODEX Media Vault. Kristin notes that having the ability to support both macOS and Windows is important for a shared storage solution, as some clients require encoded files generated on software applications that are Windows compatible only. In addition, the KTDC IT Manager can utilize Windows and Terminal applications when setting up, configuring and troubleshooting the server.

When asking Kristin about the future of her company while continuing to support clients remotely she replied, “With the exponential pace of technology, it’s difficult to predict where and how the creative industry will change in terms of its demands. Will creative programs begin to focus more on generative content vs traditional assets, leading to fewer asset files and larger project files? How will that change our workflow here at KTDC? We can't say at this point. The only thing we do know is that reliability and ease of use will always be at the forefront of our demands as we grow into other solutions in the foreseeable future.

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