The industry-standard tool for securely sharing dailies and cuts, PIX began as an acronym for Production Information Exchange.

As the name implies, the system was conceived as a way of streamlining the flow of information across the complex webs of human talent and technology that produce media content. The virtues of dependability, security and ease of use that led to wide adoption of the PIX System for dailies are also facilitating communication in every other aspect of production from script to screen.

From concept to screen, everyone on the same page
PIX streamlines the Script process, from development through archiving.

The nexus of any production – the script – requires an astonishing amount of administrative attention. PIX can streamline this process, from development through archiving, beginning with the accurate tracking and distribution of the latest rewrites between writers, studios, producers and directors. Once a script is locked and greenlit, distribution is handled in a specific PIX project that offers tailored security precautions and ensures that current drafts are available throughout the shoot for the studio and the entire production team. After post, the final script serves as a safe, yet easily accessed reference for the future.

Casting the Net
PIX brings flexibility and organization to casting for a faster, smoother process.

Pros know that the frictionless flow of information can markedly accelerate most production processes. In the case of casting, PIX’s flexible permissions scheme means that audition reviews happen faster, with security and privacy concerns eliminated. Casting materials of any description – video and audio recordings, headshots, resumes – can be uploaded, organized and shared with and commented on by casting directors, producers and directors. The Approvals tool in the PIX viewer allows for quick sorting and easy navigation and distribution of approved assets. Information – the lifeblood of production – gets where it needs to go, safely and accurately.

A Sound Workflow with PIX
PIX Sound and Music workflows make sound post seamless, from anywhere.

Sound editors, music supervisors and composers – as well as directors – depend on the PIX Sound and Music workflows to review potential cues in anticipation of cut releases and the final mix. Editorial work blend seamlessly, even using live review sessions through PIX to efficiently collaborate in spotting sessions, laying the groundwork for smooth ADR. After ADR, new edited material is easily uploaded to PIX and shared with colleagues anywhere.

Creating an Illusion
Effective communication in PIX is key to a visual effects pipeline.

Today’s elaborate, high-tech effects require extensive planning, and their success often depends in large part on visual harmony with main unit imagery. PIX’s strength as a communication tool aids in design, construction, review and approval. Communications sometimes handled through standard email are bolstered when the notes and comments are passed along together with the images being discussed – another small but important improvement in efficiency that leads to quality filmmaking.

Reviews and Previews
Secure, industry-standard content previews and publicity screeners using PIX.

The Motion Picture Association now officially prefers to screen ratings submissions via PIX whenever possible. Even during the current Covid-19 crisis, the MPA has continued securely reviewing submissions by adjusting workflows for individual viewings. A wide range of studios and large production companies handle MPA projects by uploading their submission cut for a specified review period. It’s a great example of X2X technology keeping the production wheels turning to the benefit of the entire industry, and another reason PIX has become the standard throughout the production universe. Similarly, PIX is widely used to securely send screeners to press and publicity channels – PIX has worked with every major talk show over the years to place custom hardware in offices and homes. Some clients use PIX’s tvOS application to review. During the Covid-19 crisis, PIX’s industry-standard security protocols ensure that pre-release content screenings can be safely shared with large numbers of employees or vendors, obviating the need to rent a screening room.

We will be focussing more on each of the PIX production processes in the coming months so keep checking the X2X homepage.


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