BSC Show 2022 wrap

APRIL 19 2022

As a sense of familiar normalcy arrived, industry experts and creatives alike flocked to Evolution London in Battersea Park for 2022’s BSC Show. Known for its heavy focus on advancements in camera and capture hardware technologies, exhibitors showcased some of the most innovative enhancements seen in quite some time, though it did not stop at the mechanical bits and bites.

More than ever before we are seeing the designed convergence of hardware and software technologies supporting the future of media asset workflow management, from capture to ingest to post to distribution. Decisively, the industry has shown that adapting to cloud-based workflow orchestration is not an if any longer. It is now.  

CODEX and PIX showcased its approach to managing this evolving landscape of cloud-based media management with its PIX RT technologies and the CODEX MediaVault Transfer eco-system. MediaVault Transfer was shown with 10GbE connection to an iMac Pro. Transfer Drive volumes were shared over the network allowing files to be copied across at high speed. 

The sleek design of the unit and compact form factor was highly impressive to exhibit visitors, as the design is certifiably suitable for on-set/near-set use as well as for installation in post facilities and data centers. Additionally, the planned encryption features of the Transfer Drive were of great interest, proving to ensure maximum security of data in transit. 

Lastly, what may have been of most interest to visitors was how MediaVault Transfer could solve the ongoing pains faced when attempting to upload media directly to AWS, certainly for OCF media. MediaVault Transfer solves for many of the performance issues and feature insufficiencies realized within the AWS process. The future potential for MediaVault Transfer is expansive, but most immediately to provide edge processing capability was deemed an attractive prospect when considering the workflow benefits (e.g. create and upload proxy, followed by OCF) and potential cost savings in cloud compute.

PIX RT technology was also of great interest to exhibit visitors. Demand for immediate access to images, as close to real-time as possible is higher than ever before and only growing as we continue forward. This is true for all contributors on projects.  Regardless of whether the viewer is on-set or remotely located, access to images immediately is soon to be an assumed expectation for all productions. PIX RT is perfectly positioned to solve for this need, keeping the data consistent from immediate viewing through the complete post-production process. The need for solutions to support this style of workflow are on the rise, and we at PIX are prepared to answer the need. 

It was an incredible turn out at the BSC Expo this year, a showing we can say was absolutely wonderful to see. As we strive towards further innovation, we look forward to continued growth taking learnings from the BSC Expo, along with ongoing development with our industry partners and clients.  We truly look forward to what is to come.

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