Welcome to our Budapest Facility

MAY 25 2021

X2X is proud to present its newly expanded facility, situated within the famous Pannónia Filmstúdió in Budapest, Hungary.

The location brings together our Central European PIX and CODEX teams into one cohesive and collaborative space and will facilitate the teams to continue to enhance our customer support communications.

Background Interest

The Pannónia Studio has played an important role in the history of film production in Hungary, and many generations of film goers and professionals have been in awe over some of the renowned productions made here.

The dubbing Studio was home to productions such as Dallas, as well as the highly popular Angyal series. Productions from the animation studio were awarded at numerous international festivals throughout the 1980s. A lágy (The fly) – an Oscar winning animation by Ferenc Rófusz was also produced here.

The historic building provides creative space for animation, sound, and post production companies, exhibits of the dubbing technology of past eras and regular educational screenings await those who wish to gain a better insight into one of the key sites of the history of filmmaking in Hungary.

Visit www.pannoniastudio.com for more information.

X2X are proud to be a continuing part of its history.

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