HPA Tech Retreat was back!

MARCH 04 2022

Back and in-person, with a message that could not be misunderstood…The day of cloud-services adaptation is here and prepared to stay.

Although the Palm Desert was far colder than average, the four days of rich sessions were certainly a hotbed of innovative vision and thought.  After participants passed health screenings each morning, the session content was available for consuming, and boy was there a wealth of innovative information.  For what feels like the first time in the media production sector, Movie and Television Entertainment productions are focused on more than just the quality of the content, but equally the quality of user experience for the creators in the process.  That process purposefully designed to improve the efficiency to which a production is completed and distributed, ultimately making economies of scale an option to be realized. 


HPA Tech Retreat 2022 highlighted this fact with a very clear message that resonated across each session:  “Data Centricity and Cloud-Services enabled workflows are the way forward for Media Production.”  Without contest, it was made clear this is not an option-in prospect any longer, it is table stakes.  As we see the further advancement and adoption of virtual production technologies making strides in formal production practices, the source media now has an original format that stems from cloud services, even before production begins.  The tools/services and suppliers that support the future of media production must adapt to this evolved production process as an interoperable, cloud-services model in order to remain relevant. 

PIX and CODEX have recognized the inherent requirement for centralization in our industry, both of media assets and the various disparate systems that contribute to the production process.  If HPA Tech Retreat 2022 tells us anything, it is that we have been on the right track for some time.  The CODEX portfolio of products manages media assets at-rest and in-transit, optimized for intelligent transfer workflows, while remaining agnostic to the data store where the files reside.  Purposefully designed to enable the seamless capture and storing of media files, with easy archival.  This then empowers the cloud services workflow during production and post-production to function appropriately.  With PIX platform’s established project workflow framework integrating with the data store of your choice, and creative tools of your choosing, we then enable the industry to realize an open ecosystem of interoperable tools, efficiencies and extendable capabilities never before considered.

One last bit of clarity taken from HPA Tech Retreat 2022, this space is moving and moving very fast.  We at PIX and CODEX are excited for this ride ahead, turning layers of friction into seamless flow.     

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